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The Dog Spot is located on a nine acre farm, with three fenced in areas for your pups to run and play on our picturesque property. The large interior runs are a spacious 24 to 32 square feet each, which allows plenty of room for large dogs to stretch out or even enough space for multiple pets to share, if you so desire. All dogs get to go out multiple times a day in the large outdoor fenced areas. You will rest assured knowing your dog is enjoying a holiday of their own when you must be away. We invite you to learn more about our boarding operation here.

Boarding at the Dog Spot

Boarding at The Dog Spot is for the pet owner who considers their dog to be an important family member, like I do! I currently own 4 dogs of various sizes and ages. I know how much I hate to leave my dogs, even to go on vacation and I want to provide a superior experience for both you and your pet with my boarding services! All dogs are treated as the important family member that I know they are. I promise your dog will enjoy a fun vacation, while you are off enjoying yours.

The Dog Spot is a pleasant 9 acre farm, set well back from the road behind a 5 acre farm, in lovely Mt Washington. There are multiple spacious fenced areas for the dogs to run and play in. During the summer I often put out baby pools for dogs that enjoy playing in water. There are a variety of balls and bones to keep them busy and I play Frisbee, kick soccer balls, etc. several times during the day, as weather allows. The buildings are climate controlled and also have an attached fenced area for exercising the dogs as needed. Dogs are exercised every couple of hours and there is no additional charge to play, love or exercise your dog! Rates include everything, even administering medication.

About Carol

A few years ago Carol decided it is time to follow her dream of opening and operating her own dog facility. That dream is the foundation of The Dog Spot!

An avid animal lover since early childhood, Carol has been involved with dog training for over 25 years. She discovered her love for training when she got her first dog and began taking classes at the local dog club. Carol has been competing in obedience trials since the early 1980’s. In 1990, she opened and instructed full-time at Shamrock Acres Training Center until she purchased Invisible Fence of Greater Louisville in 1996. While with Invisible Fence, she trained the majority of the dogs to the fence, which numbered in the 1000’s! Six years later, she sold Invisible Fence and started Alpaca Knights, an alpaca breeding farm in Simpsonville, KY. In 2009 the herd was sold and Carol decided to return to her one true love, dog training! She trains and competes in agility with her border collie and border collie/whippet mix.

Dog Boarding Policies and Prices

Dog Boarding Policies and Prices:
*Proof of vaccinations – We DO accept Titers.
*Bordetella & Flu Vaccine – We do not require Bordetella or Flu, though many vets recommend you have this administered to your dog prior to boarding, since they will be exposed to many new dogs. We leave it up to the owner and their vet as to whether they wish to give this vaccine to their dog. Proof of vaccines will NOT be returned.

Rates (owner provides food)
You will be charged for the day you bring the dog in, no matter what time. If you pick up between 8:00 am and 10:00 am, you will not be charged for that day!

$25.00 per day. We only accept cash or checks for boarding!!!

If they can reside together and share a run, 2nd dog in the same run is $20; 3rd dog sharing run additional $15.

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The Dog Spot

Located on a scenic farm just ten minutes from the Gene Snyder/Bardstown Rd exit.

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2939 Flatlick Road
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502-538-PETS (7387)


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Mon - Sat: 8am - 10am

Mon - Sat: 4pm - 5pm

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