Welcome to The Dog Spot

Where dogs are family.

The Dog Spot is a unique boarding facility on a scenic 9 acres in Mt Washington. At The Dog Spot, we treat every pet as if it were our own. As animal lovers and owners ourselves, we know how important it is that your furry family members enjoy a stress-free and fun environment while you are away.

Perfect Boarding facility

If you live in Bullitt County, or the surrounding areas of Jefferson County, then you have picked the perfect site to find a boarding facility.

Home Away from Home

The Dog Spot is the first of its kind in the Mount Washington area, providing a home away from home for your beloved pet.

Loving Care & Concern

We endeavor to treat your furry family member with the same care and concern as we do our own animals. The owner, Carol Shepler, lives on site meaning someone is here even overnight!

First Rate Pet Care

We provide first rate pet care, with extensive dog handling experience and comfortable, climate controlled buildings.

Boarding & Daycare

Boarding at the Dog Spot

Boarding at The Dog Spot is for the pet owner who considers their dog to be an important family member, like I do! I currently own 3 dogs of various sizes and ages.

I know how much I hate to leave my dogs, even to go on vacation, so I want to provide a superior experience for both you and your pet, with my boarding services.

All dogs are treated as the important family member that I know they are. I promise your dog will enjoy a fun vacation, while you are off enjoying yours.

Hours and Holiday Closings

Drop off and Pickup Hours:
8-10am and 4-5pm Monday-Saturday
Closed Sundays and Holidays
We operate under a Conditional Use Permit and these are the court allowed hours of operation

2023 Holiday Closings:

Derby Day: May 6th 8-10am drop off only

Memorial Day Weekend: Closed Sun and Mon-May 28th and 29th

4th of July-Closed

Labor Day Weekend-Closed Sun and Mon-Sept 3rd and 4th

Thanksgiving Week-Open 8-10am only Wed Nov 22nd 

Closed Thanksgiving Day-Nov 23rd

Christmas: Closed Sun and Mon-Dec 24th and 25th

New Years: Closed Sun and Mon-Dec 31st and Jan 1st

Dog Daycare Policies and Prices

Offered Mon-Friday only


$22.00 (+sales tax)
Packages for 10 visits –
$200 (+sales tax) prepaid and good for 90 days


*Proof of vaccinations – We require Distemper and Rabies. We DO accept titers dated within 36 months of boarding.

*Bordetella & Flu Vaccine – We do not require Bordetella or Flu, though many vets recommend you have this administered to your dog prior to boarding, since they will be exposed to many new dogs. We leave it up to the owner and their vet as to whether they wish to give this vaccine to their dog. You may scan and email proof of vaccines or provide a copy at drop off. Copies will not be returned.

Dog Boarding Policies and Prices

We only accept cash or checks for boarding


(All pets are the same price. Owner provides food)
*Rates Effective 1/01/2022
$28.00 (+sales tax)  Our fees are ALL inclusive.
Discounts for multiple pets sharing the same run: $51 (+tax) for 2 pets. $69 (+tax for 3)
You will always be charged for the day you drop off.
IF you pickup during our morning hours of 8-10am-Mon-Sat, you will not be charged for your pickup day.
Afternoon pickups ARE charged for that day!


*Proof of vaccinations – We require Distemper and Rabies. We DO accept titers dated within 36 months of boarding.

*Bordetella & Flu Vaccine – We do not require Bordetella or Flu, though many vets recommend you have this administered to your dog prior to boarding, since they will be exposed to many new dogs. We leave it up to the owner and their vet as to whether they wish to give this vaccine to their dog. You may scan and email proof of vaccines or provide a copy at drop off. Copies will not be returned.

First Rate Facilities

The Dog Spot provides a unique type of boarding opportunity for the cherished family pet. Located at Carol’s home in Mt Washington on 9 acres, it offers a more natural, homelike environment for our furry visitors. Dogs are exercised in large fenced yards with real grass and trees! We also provide lots of enrichment toys, balls, bones and playtime. And during warmer weather, we also add baby pools and hose playtime!

Inside our climate-controlled buildings, each dog has their own personal, spacious kennel run with a raised Kurunda bed and fresh water 24/7. We also have a separate building reserved for our small and elderly dogs, to help make their stay with us more comfortable.

All dogs are taken out into the attached fenced in yards several times a day and there is no additional charge to love, play or exercise your pet! Our rates are all inclusive, including administering medications. We just ask that any medication be placed in a pill sorter and labeled. Sorry, but we do not do injections.

My little Shih Tzu had a wonderful time at the Dog Spot. He doesn’t get a lot of socialization on a regular basis, so when he goes here, he gets socialization and more! He loves this place, and they are so good to him and for him. I highly recommend the Dog Spot if you are looking for a place to board your fur baby – either for a day, a night, or several days. They love the doggies and take good care of them.

Jerri B.

Wonderful place! So glad we’ve found them. We all of a sudden had to find a new place to board our Marlee and Leia after our current boarders retired and went out of business. The Dog Spot LLC has been a Blessing, they treat our fur babies Wonderful! Can’t thank them enough for what they do! Highly recommend them!!!

Jerry C.

My wife and I have brought are two boxers here for a several years now and we love it. They give special attention to your dog or dogs and have plenty of space and they can run and play!

I highly recommend The Dog Spot!

Nick T.

My dog had a great time, he stayed a full week and was well treated. The staff is very friendly and helpful. We’ve also dropped him off for daycare as well and he came home very happy and played with!

Melanie H.

Great facility – love the huge fenced in yard & clean kennels for the dogs. They are very nice and knowledgable about dogs, so I know Molly is very well taken care of when she stays! She loves going and always tired when I pick her up. It is the best boarding place in Mount Washington, so be sure to get your boarding needs booked early, because it is a popular place!

Kelly S.

Highly Recommend The Dog Spot!! Our pup has so much fun there and it makes me so happy to know that he is not just locked in a crate the whole time! He gets so much exercise there and is worn out when he gets home!!

Taylor T

The Dog Spot is AMAZING! Both of my dogs go there for both doggy daycare and boarding and I cannot express how much they love it there. Most other kennels keep your dog cooped up for most of the day, but not The Dog Spot! They are constantly allowed out to play, and the owner makes it a point to learn which dogs get along with each other best to allow for the best socialization. My Shepherd is never tired, but when I pick him up from daycare, he sleeps the rest of the day. The owner has so many years of experience with dogs, I would trust her with mine no matter what. She was instrumental in introducing my rescue to proper play with other dogs. Now, he loves it too! She’s extremely flexible and treats everyone’s dog like her own. Highly recommend. I’ve referred her to many friends, who were all thrilled with her services as well.

Marki H.

I would definitely recommend this dog boarding to anyone. They are very friendly and great to the dogs. They have quite a bit of property for the dogs to run each day too. All in all a great pick when looking to board, I believe our dogs actually thought they were on vacation. They were smiling there, and the entire way home.

Joshua P.

My dogs are always in the best care at a low rate. They aren’t just stuck in a cage, they get a huge yard to play in. I couldn’t ask for a better place for my dogs. You don’t have to pay extra for someone to treat your fur baby like their own.

Kathy W.

Carol and her team are wonderful! So accommodating and loving to all dogs, and it’s wonderful to know that she shares that love with all of her fur guests. I’m blessed to know we have a wonderful place for the boys to go when we can’t take them with us. Thanks, Carol!

Logan D.

They take very good care of my Husky. He stayed here for ten days while i was traveling and he was very healthy and happy when I picked him up. He was able to play daily and socialize. Only place I trust to keep him now.

Tess H.

So happy we found this place and it’s so close to our home. We will definitely be recommending it to our friends. Derby had a blast. I was so happy to updates of my girl while we was out of town.

Jason E.

My dog seems to really enjoy herself there. Her playing with other pups is very important to me. She comes home worn out!

Leigh W.

They always take great care of our pup. Wouldn’t take him anywhere else.

David H.

I love that the dogs have room to roam and play. I also love seeing our baby on FB while we are away from her.

Carey C.

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We do require you to bring your own food, as we know it is better for dogs to remain on the same diet as at home. Please portion out each meal into baggies.

If your dog enjoys socializing with other dogs, we may try to match them with other friendly dogs for playtime, if available. The exception is any unneutered dog, older than 6 months, will not be in play groups, for everyone’s well being. But they get outdoors just as often! Just with people instead of pups! And some pups prefer to just hang out and sun themselves in peace and I can provide that as well!

Please call: 502-538-PETS (7387) to schedule a visit.

About Me

​In 2011, after being an alpaca farmer for a number of years, Carol was ready for a new business venture,. She had always dreamed of opening and operating a dog boarding facility and that dream became the foundation of The Dog Spot!

An avid animal lover since early childhood, Carol has been involved with dog training for over 30 years. She discovered her love for training when she got her first dog and began taking classes at the local dog club. Carol loved training and started competing in obedience trials in the early 80’s. In 1990, she opened and instructed full-time at Shamrock Acres Training Center until she purchased Invisible Fence of Greater Louisville in 1996. While with Invisible Fence, she trained the majority of the dogs to the fence, which numbered in the 1000’s! Six years later, she sold Invisible Fence and opened Alpaca Knights, an alpaca breeding farm in Simpsonville, KY.

In the fall of 2011, The Dog Spot opened as a dog training facility, with just 6 boarding runs. By 2013, it had morphed into a full time boarding facility as the demand was so high.

Dog training continues to be a big part of Carol’s life, but now her passion is agility. She is currently competing in agility with her Border Collie, “Ziggy” and Border Collie/Whippet mix-“Typhoon”. Her newest doggie addition is a Golden Retriever, “Livy”, who will soon be starting some agility and dock diving training, too.

Get Started

The Dog Spot provides a unique type of boarding opportunity for the cherished family pet. Located at Carol’s home in Mt Washington on 9 acres, it offers a more natural, homelike environment for our furry visitors.


What are your hours?
We operate under a Conditional Use Permit, so we have very limited hours. 8-10am and 4-5pm-Monday-Sat. No pickups or drop offs on Sundays and Holidays. Reservations must be made in advance.
Do you offer indoor tours?
We don’t as we have found it to be so disruptive to the dogs that are currently staying with us, that we have discontinued indoor tours. Just like at home, dogs react to a stranger entering the kennel and when one barks, they all go off! We operate under a conditional use permit and always have to be careful to not disturb our neighbors, as well as we do not want our current doggie residents stressed by the excessive noise. Please check out our FB page with tons of videos and pictures for past 10 years of boarding.
Can we pickup on Sunday?
No, we are closed on Sundays.
How does the pricing work?
We charge $28.00 (+tax) a day. You pay for the day you arrive, no matter the time (just like a hotel!), and if you pick up between 8:00am – 10:00am, you will not be charged for your pickup day. However if your pet stays for the day, you will be charged for your pickup day. If you have multiple dogs and they can reside in the same run, the 2nd dog in the same run is $23.00(+tax) and the 3rd dog is $18.00(+tax). We do not charge extra for special diets or medication. Our pricing is all inclusive!

Doggie Daycare is $20.00(+tax) a day for drop in or packages are offered for 10 visits-prepaid for $180.00(+tax). Must be used within 90 days.

Does your facility have heat/air conditioning?
Absolutely! Climate control is a huge priority in our facility, as our clients are mostly house/family dogs like our own, that are used to their creature comforts! We have also purchased a generator as a backup power source, in case of any power failures. We want to make sure we are prepared for any emergency that might arise. Our goal is that our visitors are as comfortable as they would be sleeping on their couch at home!
Is there anyone there overnight?
Yes! The owner lives on site with her own 4 dogs. This facility is located on her 9 acre farm, with the kennel area directly behind her home.
Can I call and check on my pet?
Of course! We welcome your call during normal business hours and totally understand the desire to check in and see how they are doing. The nice thing about dealing with a small, totally family run business is that we DO know each and every dog that is here! We are the ones taking care of them, so we can honestly tell you how your pup is doing, because we really do know!
Will my dog go out with other dogs?
It depends. We do not require dogs to intermix, so if you want your dog to have yard time several times a day, alone, no problem. We also have many young, active dogs who visit both for daycare and boarding. We love blending play groups with appropriate dogs. Un-neutered dogs are not in group plays after they reach 6 months, as we do not feel it is safe. But we are happy to board any friendly pup, neutered or not! Females are a bit different and we may put out with other females, at our discretion. We do have multiple fenced areas to accommodate everyone specific needs.
What are my payment options?
We only take cash or check. Payment is expected when you pick up your dog or you may prepay when you drop off.
What should I bring/not bring?
Proof of vaccinations (proof of vaccines will not be returned) and food are required. We require you bring your own food because this will help prevent tummy upset from switching foods. But, please only bring the food your dog will need for his stay. Do not bring us a full 50 lb bag of food, as we have limited storage. We also ask you to portion out your dog’s food into separate baggies, per feeding. Currently, we ask that you only bring food, portioned into a baggie per meal and treats, if you like. All runs already have raised Kurunda beds in them and if you request it, we can add additional soft bedding on top! We don’t allow any sort of chain collars, but ask that you have a buckle collar(no harnesses) on your pup, with identification, if possible.
What shot records do you require?
When you board for the first time, we need proof that your dog has had its vaccinations. We do accept titers that are three years old or less for everything but rabies. Current Kentucky law requires a current rabies vaccination. The vaccine records will NOT be returned, so please make sure to bring us a copy you do not need back.
How often will my dog be exercised?
Typically 4-5 times a day. We make sure they get out as often as they need, just like our own dogs. Since the owner lives on site, they typically run the same schedule as her own dogs. They go out the first time between 6-6:30 am and out for the last time between 9-10pm.
Can I pay extra and pick up late in the evening?
No, we do not offer late pick-up. If you are unable to pick up your dog by the end of the business day, please just let us know and you can pick them up the following morning at no additional charge. As long as you pick up the next morning between 8:00am – 10:00am., you will not be charged for an additional day.
Are there any breed restrictions?
We do not have any breed restrictions. However, your dog must be friendly enough that we can handle them. The way our facility is set up, in order for them to go out for exercise, we take them out of their interior run to the outside fenced exercise areas. Some dogs are not comfortable with this and may do better at a facility that has indoor/outdoor runs. We may require a day of daycare, prior to boarding, if there is any question about your dogs comfort with being handled by multiple strangers. Our facility is not a good fit for every dog and want to make sure we can provide excellent and safe service for each guest. Feel free to call and discuss if you have any questions regarding this policy.
Will I get to see my dog on Facebook?
Maybe or maybe not. We love taking pictures and videos of all of our visitors, but many things can cause us not to post on FB. The main one is many videos I upload just never appear and we have NO control over that! Sometimes they appear a day later! Sometimes they never post and we have no way to fix that. Sometimes we are just TOO busy taking care of the dogs, to take many videos…dog care always come first! Sometimes the videos have undesirables in them, like a dog starting going potty in the middle of it, etc. So we can’t guarantee FB pictures and videos, but we do try out best!
Do you board dogs that have not been neutered or spayed?
Yes, we are happy to have them come visit, but of course, we must limit interaction with other clients dogs. Under 6 months, we usually have no concerns, but as they age, unfixed dogs are then usually exercised individually. We are fortunately to have several fenced areas, so they still get out regularly, but just not in play groups.

The Dog Spot

Located on a scenic farm just ten minutes from the Gene Snyder/Bardstown Rd exit.

Contact Us

2939 Flatlick Road
Mt. Washington, Kentucky 40047

502-538-PETS (7387)


Drop Off & Pick-Up Times

Mon - Sat: 8am - 10am

Mon - Sat: 4pm - 5pm

No pick-up & Drop off/ on Sundays & Holidays