Welcome to
The Dog Spot

Where dogs are family.

Located on a scenic farm just ten minutes from the Gene
Snyder/Bardstown Rd exit.

Perfect Boarding facility

If you live in Bullitt County, or the surrounding areas of Jefferson County, then you have picked the perfect site to find a boarding facility.

Home Away from Home

The Dog Spot is the first of its kind in the Mount Washington area, providing a home away from home for your beloved pet.

Loving Care & Concern

We endeavor to treat your furry family member with the same care and concern as we do our own animals. The owner, Carol Shepler, lives on site meaning someone is here even overnight!

First Rate Pet Care

We provide first rate pet care, with extensive dog handling experience and comfortable, climate controlled buildings.
The Dog Spot is located on a nine acre farm, with three fenced in areas for your pups to run and play on our picturesque property. The large interior runs are a spacious 24 to 32 square feet each, which allows plenty of room for large dogs to stretch out or even enough space for multiple pets to share, if you so desire. All dogs get to go out multiple times a day in the large outdoor fenced areas. You will rest assured knowing your dog is enjoying a holiday of their own when you must be away. We invite you to learn more about our boarding operation here.

Boarding & Daycare

Boarding at the Dog Spot

Boarding at The Dog Spot is for the pet owner who considers their dog to be an important family member, like I do! I currently own 4 dogs of various sizes and ages.

I know how much I hate to leave my dogs, even to go on vacation and I want to provide a superior experience for both you and your pet with my boarding services!

All dogs are treated as the important family member that I know they are. I promise your dog will enjoy a fun vacation, while you are off enjoying yours.

First Rate Facilities

The Dog Spot is a pleasant 9 acre farm, set well back from the road behind a 5 acre farm, in lovely Mt Washington. There are multiple spacious fenced areas for the dogs to run and play in. During the summer I often put out baby pools for dogs that enjoy playing in water. There are a variety of balls
and bones to keep them busy and I play Frisbee, kick soccer balls, etc. several times during the day, as weather allows.

The buildings are climate controlled and also have an attached fenced area for exercising the dogs as needed. Dogs are exercised every couple of hours and there is no additional charge to play, love or exercise your dog! Rates include everything, even administering medication.

Dog Boarding Policies and Prices

*Proof of vaccinations – We DO accept Titers.
*Bordetella & Flu Vaccine – We do not require Bordetella or Flu, though many vets recommend you have this administered to your dog prior to boarding, since they will be exposed to many new dogs. We leave it up to the owner and their vet as to whether they wish to give this vaccine to their dog. Proof of vaccines will NOT be returned.

Rates (owner provides food)
You will be charged for the day you bring the dog in, no matter what time. If you pick up between 8:00 am and 10:00 am, you will not be charged for that day!

$25.00 per day. We only accept cash or checks for boarding!!!

If they can reside together and share a run, 2nd dog in the same run is $20; 3rd dog sharing run additional $15.

We do require you to bring your own food, as we know it is better for dogs to remain on the same diet as at home. Please portion out each meal into baggies.

If your dog enjoys socializing with other dogs, we will try to match them with other friendly dogs for playtime. If they prefer to just hang out and sun themselves in peace, I will provide that as well.

Please call: 502-538-PETS (7387) to schedule a visit.

About Me

A few years ago Carol decided it is time to follow her dream of opening and operating her own dog facility. That dream is the foundation of The Dog Spot!

An avid animal lover since early childhood, Carol has been involved with dog training for over 25 years. She discovered her love for training when she got her first dog and began taking classes at the local dog club. Carol has been competing in obedience trials since the early 1980’s. In 1990, she opened and instructed full-time at Shamrock Acres Training Center until she purchased Invisible Fence of Greater Louisville in 1996. While with Invisible Fence, she trained the majority of the dogs to the fence, which numbered in the 1000’s! Six years later, she sold Invisible Fence and started Alpaca Knights, an alpaca breeding farm in Simpsonville, KY. In 2009 the herd was sold and Carol decided to return to her one true love, dog training! She trains and competes in agility with her border collie and border collie/whippet mix.

Schedule a Visit

You are welcome to call and schedule a visit, but please call first, as I purposely do not have “office” hours, so I can take care of the dogs and I don’t have to worry about missing visitors. I also work hard to keep the environment as peaceful and calm as possible, which is much easier if I know when visitors are expected.


What are your hours?
We operate by appointment only. Appointments are generally set between 8:00am – 10:00am or 4:00pm – 5:00pm Monday through Saturday.
Can we pickup on Sunday?
No, we are closed on Sundays.
How does the pricing work?
We charge $25.00 a day. You pay for the day you arrive, no matter the time (just like a hotel!), and if you pick up between 8:00am – 10:00am, you will not be charged for your pickup day. However if your pet stays for the day, you will be charged for your pickup day. If you have multiple dogs and they can reside in the same run, the 2nd dog in the same run is $20.00 and the 3rd dog is $15.00. We do not charge extra for special diets or medication. Our pricing is all inclusive!

Doggie Daycare is $18.00 a day for drop in(by appointment) or you can purchase a package of 10 for $160.00, reducing it $16.00 a day. Packages are good for up to 1 year. All services will now incur a 6% sales tax due to a new state law.

Does your facility have heat/air conditioning?
Absolutely! Climate control is a huge priority in our facility, as our clients are mostly house/family dogs like our own, that are used to their creature comforts! We have also purchased a generator as a backup power source, in case of any power failures. We want to make sure we are prepared for any emergency that might arise. Our goal is that our visitors are as comfortable as they would be sleeping on their couch at home!
Is there anyone there overnight?
Yes! The owner lives on site with her own 4 dogs. This facility is located on her 9 acre farm, with the kennel area directly behind her home.
Can I call and check on my pet?
Of course! We welcome your call during normal business hours and totally understand the desire to check in and see how they are doing. The nice thing about dealing with a small, totally family run business is that we DO know each and every dog that is here! We are the ones taking care of them, so we can honestly tell you how your pup is doing, because we really do know!
Will my dog go out with other dogs?
Only if you want your dog to! We have several friendly dogs that come here regularly and play together. If your dog likes other dogs, we will try to find size and age appropriate playmates for them. But, if your dog only likes his housemate or doesn’t like other dogs, that’s ok too! We have multiple fenced areas to accommodate everyone specific needs.
What are my payment options?
We only take cash or check. Payment is expected when you pick up your dog or you may prepay when you drop off.
Can I come by and see the facility?
Absolutely! All tours are by appointment only. Please just give us a call at 502-538-7387 and make an appointment. We’d be glad to meet you and your dog. Appointments are generally set between 8:00am – 10:00am or 4:00pm – 5:00pm Monday through Friday, but other times may be available, if your schedule requires.
What should I bring/not bring?
Proof of vaccinations (proof of vaccines will not be returned) and food are required. We require you bring your own food because this will help prevent tummy upset from switching foods. But, please only bring the food your dog will need for his stay. Do not bring us a full 50 lb bag of food, as we have limited storage. We also ask you to portion out your dog’s food into separate baggies, per feeding. Do not bring your bowls, as we have stainless steel bowls here. You are welcome to bring bedding (though every run has a raised Kurunda bed in it), a couple toys and treats for your dog. We ask that your dog have on a buckle collar, but for safety reasons we cannot leave choke chains or pinch collars on dogs while they are staying with us.
What shot records do you require?
When you board for the first time, we need proof that your dog has had its vaccinations. We do accept titers that are three years old or less for everything but rabies. Current Kentucky law requires a current rabies vaccination. The vaccine records will NOT be returned, so please make sure to bring us a copy you do not need back.
How often will my dog be exercised?
Typically 4-5 times a day. We make sure they get out as often as they need, just like our own dogs. Since the owner lives on site, they typically run the same schedule as her own dogs. They go out the first time between 6-6:30 am and out for the last time between 9-10pm.
Can I pay extra and pick up late in the evening?
No, we do not offer late pick-up. If you are unable to pick up your dog by the end of the business day, please just let us know and you can pick them up the following morning at no additional charge. As long as you pick up the next morning between 8:00am – 10:00am., you will not be charged for an additional day.
Are there any breed restrictions?
We do not have any breed restrictions. However, your dog must be friendly enough that we can handle them. The way our facility is set up, in order for them to go out for exercise, we take them out of their interior run to the outside fenced exercise areas. Some dogs are not comfortable with this and may do better at a facility that has indoor/outdoor runs. We may require one day of doggie daycare, prior to boarding or a meet and greet if there is any question about your dog’s comfort with this handling.

The Dog Spot
2939 Flatlick Road
Mt. Washington, Kentucky 40047




Most Direct: I-265 (Gene Snyder) to Bardstown Rd (Exit #17)
turn towards Mt Washington (Left if coming from the east)
go 5 miles and turn Right onto 31EX (it is at a red light)
go to the first red light and turn Right onto Lakeview Dr.
Go to the stop sign and turn Right onto Lynnwood Dr
go to the stop sign and turn Left onto Lincoln Dr
take the 1st left onto Grant Dr
go to the stop sign and turn Right onto Flatlick Rd
The Dog Spot is 1 mile on your left
The mailbox is on the right. Drive straight back to the blue metal building at the end of the driveway.

Easiest: I-265(Gene Snyder) to Bardstown Rd (Exit #17)
turn towards Mt Washington
go 5 miles and turn Right onto 31EX (at a red light)
go about 2 miles and turn Right at the Dairy Queen onto Flatlick Rd
go 2 miles and turn left at The Dog Spot (mailbox on right)
drive straight back to blue metal building at the end of the driveway.